Dunk Contest
Knock out Stage:
To be played on 19 August. The Dunk contest winner gets 2000 USD and the Dunk contest runners-up gets 500 USD.
Winner: Robbie Smythe (Hoop It Up)
Runner-up: Clifton Malone (pro dunker)

First Round
Korran Rivers (Montreal)
Clifton Malone (pro dunker)
Robin Ryder (pro dunker)
Robbie Smythe (Hoop It Up)
To be played on 18 August.
The best dunker qualifies for the Knock out stage and will face two pro dunkers.
Qualification Pool
Korran Rivers (Montreal)
Derrod Williams (Dallas)
Jose Lopez (San Juan)
Nicolas Trapp (Orlando)
Mahlon Thomas (Minnesota)

Final jury:

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